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Spreading Seeds

of wholehearted, faith-filled,
gonna-get-dirty living.

Welcome to A Dandelion Life

A dandelion may look like a weed to most people, but these tenacious golden flowers represent a great deal more than they appear to.


Natural food, natural cleaning, natural living


Inspiration for living, remembering who we are, discovering purpose


Raising a child on the Autism spectrum, juggling work and family, organizing for real people


Writing, blogging, teaching, reading

Love On Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Photo by Daria Sukhorukova on Unsplash Valentine's Day - a day when we all focus on loving that special someone a little more, showering him or her with a little extra care and attention, and giving them something particularly nice. And while that's certainly a good...

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Why Mindset Matters & How to Shift It

What is Mindset? It seems like everyone is talking about mindset these days. It's definitely become a bit of a buzzword.  And with that, there's the danger that it becomes cliche and eventually overlooked as too hooky or woo-woo. I've been guilty of thinking that...

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Essential Oils That Will Help You Fight the Flu

The flu is everywhere these days.  Between January and May, it’s “flu season”, and at schools and workplaces everywhere are falling victim.  It’s hard to avoid the germs that cause this uncomfortable illness, and Americans spend a ton of money each year treating it....

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Writing Goals That Won’t Scare You

  The Ghosts of Goals Past I have never liked goals.  To be fair, I've also never set goals. Oh, I've tried.  Sort of. But the idea of writing down something that I could fail to accomplish scared the pants off of me.  I couldn't imagine what to write because I...

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How to Have Less Stress in the Holiday Season

A Whirlwind of Activity I don’t know about you, but this Christmas season has been stressful.  Oddly, I’m not entirely sure why. I can’t pinpoint the culprit.  But I knew I had to start considering ways to relax when my chiropractor said I may need to stop taekwondo...

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Exploring Worship in the Holiday Season

“And be the Worshippers because worship is existence and every word, thought, act, reveals what we really worship. What you think is worth it, is what you really worship, and you’ve got to worship right things, because every single one of us is wired to worship...

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