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Finding Balance in an Unbalanced Life

May 18, 2017Wholehearted

I was listening to Graham Cooke do a Q&A on his website, and he said something that kind of struck me.  He said that he doesn’t really believe in balance, especially when it comes to walking with God.  Balance seems to be such a huge thing in our world today – how do we balance self-care and care for others, work and family, play and focus.  But, consider walking. When you look at a person walking in slow motion, the person is always throwing their weight from one foot to another.  The only time we’re actually balanced is when we’re standing still.

Hmmm! Makes me think.  You can’t drive a car if it’s not moving.  You can’t get anywhere if you’re standing still.  

But, you object, balance is good!

And I’d tend to agree, because I do think there needs to be some kind of division between how we spend our time so we don’t get obsessive or overly focused at the expense of other important things.  

Unbalanced Balance

For example, as a teacher, the beginning of my school year is usually a mad dash to do things. There are lessons to be planned, student names to be learned, materials to gather, parents to meet, faculty meetings to attend, and so much more!  It’s really easy for me to spend all day working on things and then come home and spend all evening working on things.

But that means my husband and children get neglected.  So, finding an equitable division of time is really important because, honestly, my husband and children are more important than my day job. (gasp!)

So, if balance is equitably dividing time, or effort, or focus, then yes, balance is good. But balance isn’t necessarily equal in this case.  And that’s okay.

If I want to move forward with something, on the other hand, only unbalance can do that. I have to move from foot to foot, from side to side, with forward momentum in order to see any change in where I am.

So What?

I suppose the upshot of this reflecting is that it’s okay for things not to be perfectly balanced (unless you’re waiting tables or a tightrope walker).  To move forward with God or with myself, there is a certain sense of unbalance. And that can feel more and more precarious until the next foot falls.

For me this is freeing.  I hope it is for you, too.  Just because there are people living “perfect” lives all around you, it’s okay to not have it all figured out.  Maybe the feeling that my equilibrium is off is part of the journey.  And maybe it means I’m moving ahead towards something amazing!

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