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The Myth of Perfection

May 6, 2017Wholehearted

Disclaimer: I’m not perfect.  

There’s a whole lot that I’m not so good at. Maybe you’re as woefully aware of that as I am.  It’s okay if you are.

But hey, if we’re honest, none of us are perfect.  

Yeah, I know that the perfectly staged and (I’ll admit) beautiful pictures posted on Pinterest and Instagram would have you believe otherwise.  

I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would take to make my home look like that!  Hello! I have two little boys, two dogs, a husband, and brother-in-law living in the house. If you’re keeping track, that’s 5 boys (if you add the one male dog)…  White, light, and pretty just doesn’t last long around here.

My life is gritty and in-the-trenches, but it’s also full of beauty and silliness.

During the day, I teach high school English.  

Now, don’t run off like that!  I teach English through movies and projects and self-reflection. I don’t like Shakespeare (gasp!) or traditional “literature” (I just got uninvited from all meetings of English teachers – forever).

I have a child on the autism spectrum.  That has been quite an adventure – full of roars and stomps and reptiles.  Raising a child on “the spectrum” is something I know a little about.  Although a lot of the time, I’m just fumbling through, too.  But I want to share what I do know with those who are just beginning their journey.

I have a husband who is amazing, but who can’t sleep more than 4 hours at a time.  Sleep apnea is a mean beast, you guys.  I don’t know how he does it.

I have two rescued pit bulls.  One thinks he’s a lap dog (he weighs 70 pounds).  The other thinks she’s a shadow.  They’re hilarious (mostly).

I have a brother-in-law who lives with us.  He’s 27. That’s a loooong story.

So, hats? Yup, I’ve got a lot of them.  I mostly juggle them.  Sometimes I drop them.  Hard.  But they’re important, so I pick ‘em back up and dust ‘em off.

And since we’re on the subject of a perfectly imperfect life, I’ll admit that I don’t know it all.

But I love learning (which might be why I became a teacher).  And I love reading (which might be why I love books).  And I love my family (which might be why I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed that so many moms feel). And I love God (which might be why I think it’s important to never stop searching and sifting for the truth).


I realize that these posts are more the ramblings of my mind and the baring of my soul.  They’re not terribly helpful.  There are no 5-steps to being perfect or awesome or totally put together.  Seriously, I don’t know if you can boil it down to a 5-step system.  If I figure it out, you’ll be the second to know!

But in the midst of the journey, eventually, I’ll find a direction.  Isn’t that how life usually works?

And in between will be the meanderings and soul-searching and grit of living a real life.  I’d be honored if you’d join me.

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