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The Things That Move Us

Jun 18, 2017Wholehearted

Ann Voskamp wrote a book called The Broken Way. It’s really good, and you should definitely read it. But this isn’t about her book.  Every weekend she sends out “Multivitamins for the Soul,” and this week one of her videos broke my heart.


I know that refugees and giving sanctuary to those who are fleeing oppression are super hot topics.  And I don’t always know how I feel about it, because I see both sides. The broken families and broken hearts and missing homes and shattered hopes.  And the shadows of danger, of those who would use the innocent as a guise to destroy and kill and maim, who aren’t desperate for shelter or safety or hope but are desperate for revenge or vengeance or death.

What is the right answer?  

I still don’t know.

But I know that Yeshua loves these children, too.

That Adonai’s heart breaks as his children are slaughtered.  That there are families whose only wish is to be reunited against all odds.

I won’t tell you what to do or think or believe.  

Yeshua said that the greatest commandment is to love Adonai and to love our neighbors.

That whatever we do to the least, we do to him.  And I realize that the word for neighbors is important, and that the intention wasn’t to willingly invite death. But love isn’t always open arms.

Sometimes love is harder. It’s waiting for a child who has chosen a dark path, knowing that those choices are his to make.  It’s praying for light when it seems the sun will never rise.  It’s staying constant and true in the face of challenge and heartache.

I don’t have answers. I don’t honestly have clarity.

But when Adonai brings need to our doorsteps, to my doorstep, will we be bold enough and love enough to open our eyes and offer hope?

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