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Exploring Worship in the Holiday Season

Nov 30, 2017Wholehearted

“And be the Worshippers because worship is existence and every word, thought, act, reveals what we really worship. What you think is worth it, is what you really worship, and you’ve got to worship right things, because every single one of us is wired to worship something and worship the wrong things and it’s your life that goes wrong. – Ann Voskamp

This time of year is always a rush of Christmas shopping and get-togethers. My budget bursts and I try to guard my time jealously so we’re not overwhelmed by invitations.

And it’s my first year in 10 years that I’m not serving as one of the worship team members for our Christmas Eve service. Because I promised I would. It’s a hard promise to keep in many ways, but if this year has taught me anything it’s that I need to consider and reconsider where my family falls on my list of priorities.

It’s a struggle though – worshipping is like breathing. Like Ann says in the quote above, worship is existence. And I was made for this.

But worship is more than songs lifted up and offered. It’s also the things – the words, thoughts, acts, and all that we hold important. If I were to examine my bank account, my calendar, my thoughts, what would I find?

This is a crushing examination, because my life is overflowing with “things.” The appointments and activities that keep our home running, the shopping that keeps us fed and clothed and entertained, the work that makes it possible.

Yet, if I even look at that last phrase, “makes it possible,” I realize that there’s something wrong there. It’s not my work or John’s that makes anything possible. It’s HaShem, God, Giver of Life, who makes things possible. He puts the breathe in my lungs each day, programmed my heart to beat, opened the doors to the work I and we do, gifted me the anointing to worship, handcrafted my family.

This time of year is a rush of here, there, and everywhere. It’s a bundle of all the things. It’s a glitter of lights and trees. It’s excitement of anticipation and wonder. But even in that I get to choose what I worship.

Each day, as I choose, do I choose to focus on, to worship all the things? Or do I choose to focus on, to worship the One who created me and all the things?

I know the right answer. And I imagine you do, too. The hard part is making space, adjusting, arranging. Or maybe the hardest part is just letting go and not trying so hard to be what I think I should be and do.

Maybe the one thing is to take a moment and just be.




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