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Love On Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Feb 7, 2018Live Well

Valentine’s Day – a day when we all focus on loving that special someone a little more, showering him or her with a little extra care and attention, and giving them something particularly nice.

And while that’s certainly a good thing to do, I think that it’s easy to overlook the one person who often gets run into the ground and criticized for not being what everyone thinks he or she should be – YOU.

A Little Context

Most people know that Valentine’s Day started in honor of St. Valentine. However, in case you want a little more info, here’s a quick video (3 min.) that gives more of the history of this beloved holiday:


On to the tips…

Take a Warm Bath

There’s something gentle and soothing about warm water wrapping around you.   The heat slowly convinces your muscles to relax until you let go of the stress and frustrations of the day.  It calms the heart, the mind, and the body.

This Valentine’s Day, maybe as you prepare for the big evening, take some time to pamper yourself with a bath.  Grab some Epsom Salts (I love ones that are scented with essential oils – or you can just add your own essential oils) to help release any toxins your body is storing.

Use that fancy fizzy bath bomb or luxurious bubble bath.  Maybe even light some candles and turn on some music.

Grab a book or just enjoy laying in the water, letting everything float away.

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Curl Up with a Cup & a Book

In most places, February is still kind of cold, making this tip something of an everyday tip.  One thing I love to do is to grab a warm blanket, open a window (or, when it’s warm here in Florida, even in February, turn down the AC), and snuggle down against a fluffy pillow.  Then I pull out my book or my Kindle and read.

Reading is one of those few pleasures where I can escape into another world.  I choose to read fiction (specifically, fantasy or sci fi) because there’s already so much reality in my world, and I enjoy having a chance to imagine myself somewhere else.

A good book pulls you in and doesn’t let you go (if you don’t like the book, find another one).  Valentine’s Day is a great day for a love story or something with a happy ending, something that makes you happy.  Avoid the ones that will make you cry.

While reading, I always like to have a drink nearby.  On a cold day, tea or coffee or a latte is great.  It warms the body up and feels like another small luxury.  If it’s too hot for a warm drink, try some lemonade or even a glass of wine.  Either way, try something that you don’t drink all the time, so the occasion feels a bit more special.

You Deserve Some Pampering

If you have a big evening ahead, it’s tempting to rush around trying to do everything at the last minute. But if possible, consider treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure.  You can do this yourself or go to your favorite nail salon to have someone else do it for you.  I love the ones with the massage chairs!

You could give yourself a facial at home, but washing your face and putting on a nourishing mud or honey mask before getting into the tub.  The steam will open your pores and let the mask pull out all the grime, leaving your skin glowing.

It feels great, and you’re worth it!

A Few More Ideas

?  Depending on your preference, you may want to try a yoga class or doing some gentle stretching.  Instead of doing a really intense workout, enjoy letting your body relax and move gently.

?  Another idea would be to take some time, be still, and meditate.  Turn on some soft music that allows your mind to be quiet, maybe use a guided meditation app, or just take 5 minutes to breathe deeply.  The extra oxygen revitalizes your brain and giving it some time to relax will leave you feeling calm and poised.

?  Or, if you can (maybe you don’t have kids or they’re sleeping), grab a nap.  I know from personal experience that I tend to rush through my days from one thing to the next.  And when I slow down, I don’t always think to sleep.  But, I also know that when I do fall asleep, I feel so much better when I wake up. And I’m much better company later, too.

?  Instead of going out, maybe consider staying in.  Get some takeout, or get Uber Eats to bring you something.  Or, if your significant other enjoys time in the kitchen, try cooking a meal together (maybe choose something simple, so you can actually enjoy the time) and eating by candlelight.

Regardless of what you choose to do, remember that you are worth spending some time on. You are worth loving. You are worth spoiling a bit.  You are worthy.

This Valentine’s Day, love your significant other, but don’t forget that you matter, too.  Take some time to love on yourself a little bit.

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